Blue is the new black, I hope.

"Blue space as an urban design term stands for visible water. Harbour front parks, rivers, ponds, lakes, ports, canals, fountains, etc. are all counted as blue spaces. It is an important physical and aesthetic element of landscape design."Urban Design and Public Health - What is Blue Space? As discussed in the article reference above, most... Continue Reading →

The river will win

The weather forecast called for rain overnight, but ending mid-morning. Not enough to warrant canceling the trip, we thought, after all with seven families all set to head out to the river, there would have been much disappointment. We all woke in the pre-dawn hours, sleepy children were loaded into the cars, still in pajamas.... Continue Reading →

Gage data: when, where, why and how

Unless you have a specific interest in the water level of your local river or stream, you probably never think about stream gaging, and what that data collection does for us. Various groups such as boaters, seek out this data for their recreational use, and others, like myself, use it professionally. Gages are generally defined... Continue Reading →

The 100-Year Floodplain: Explained.

Floodplain maps.  This topic alone drives more confusion and misunderstanding than nearly any other one I encounter.  There are people who sincerely believe that because they do not reside within a mapped 100-year floodplain that they will not experience flooding or have a near zero chance of it....seriously.  To dig into why this assumption is... Continue Reading →

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