Blue is the new black, I hope.

"Blue space as an urban design term stands for visible water. Harbour front parks, rivers, ponds, lakes, ports, canals, fountains, etc. are all counted as blue spaces. It is an important physical and aesthetic element of landscape design."Urban Design and Public Health - What is Blue Space? As discussed in the article reference above, most... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Surface: local water quality concerns

Just a quick preface to this post. As a hydrologist, I am interested in all things water. Surface, sub-surface, fresh, salt, fast, slow...all of it. I am also interested in, and have been involved professionally with, water quality for my entire career. You really cannot separate the two. I, however, am not a chemist, nor... Continue Reading →

Salting roadways: much to consider

An article came to my attention today describing the variety of ways the use of salt and other chemicals on roadways in the winter impacts the roads themselves, bridges, cars, land-based wildlife, and of course...water quality. All the runoff from all the paved roadways across our country flows into roadside ditches, stormwater pipes, infiltrates into... Continue Reading →

Dirty, little secrets

It seems like we hear about another newly identified pollutant in our waterways and/or drinking water every week or two. I read an article the other day about the "Erin Brokovich" chemical/carcinogen (chromium-6) and how it was found in nearly all of the water supplies around the US that were tested, at levels greater (sometimes... Continue Reading →

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